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What types of hardwood flooring are best for dogs? (or pets)

What types of hardwood flooring are best for dogs? (or pets)

Avoid the soft woods

American Walnut Pine, fir, cedar
American Cherry
American Walnut
Carbonized bamboo (caramel tinted).
These timbers are softer and will dent really conveniently– also without canine or without youngsters. They look beautiful, but they are not quite useful. And, paradoxically, the majority of are a lot more expensive (since fewer people purchase them and also there is reduced supply). Note: American Cherry as well as Walnut are different compared to Brazilian Cherry and also Walnut. American = soft; Brazilian = hard.


Solid hardwood flooring is much better for dogs

Usage strong hardwood instead of Engineered hardwood. Solid hardwood is typically much better high quality and a lot of crafted hardwood floors have a minimal variety of sandings. It’s constantly excellent to have an insurance policy strategy, and you will certainly have stronger comfort with strong, given that you could refinish solid hardwood floorings if you get deep scratches or if you obtain pet spots.


Take off your footwears

A lot of customers blame their pet dogs for scrapes, however typically we do even more damages to our floors than our pets do. While high heels are often not remarkable for hardwood flooring, the most significant wrongdoer is not the footwears themselves, yet instead just what obtains caught in the footwears. It’s those pebbles and dust that get caught in our shoes that cause the majority of the scrapes. Or, sometimes w/ high heels that have been used a while, the rubber subsides as well as there is a nail at the bottom. So before condemning your furry family members, look at your own habits. For my consumers that take their shoes off, their hardwood floors remain in method a lot better form and it’s a a lot longer time prior to they should be refinished.

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